Our Services

Business Sales

We assist business owners through the complexities of the business selling process. We provide trusted business brokerage services performed in a strictly professional, confidential and experienced manner. Our business intermediaries are highly qualified to ensure only the highest level of professional service.


Whether you are considering selling your business in the near future, or at a later date, it is important to develop an advisory relationship with a professional business broker who can assist you now to improve the value of your business for an eventual sale in the future.


Business Acquisitions

Our business acquisition services are geared toward companies or individuals seeking to acquire a business for expansions, diversification, or just to own and grow. If you are seeking to acquire a business, we have many years of experience working with individuals and corporate buyers in identifying acquisition candidates, assisting in the due diligence process, negotiating on the client’s behalf, and working completely through the acquisition process through to closing.


Business Valuations, Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

We understand that getting the highest price the market will bring on the sale of a business, or its machinery/equipment, is very important to our selling clients.  And although we can’t predict what that price will be, we can provide proven guidelines on how to set a price by thoroughly analyzing market data available to us through our memberships in professional valuation societies. Consequently, we can provide a Market Price Analysis on either the sell-side or buy-side of the transaction. We will arrange for a Business Valuation or Certified Machinery/Equipment Appraisal through Avail Appraisal Services, LLC. Please visit our appraisal services website to find out more about our valuation services (www.avail-appraisals.com).


►  Commercial Real Estate Services

Our commercial real estate services are focused primarily on transactions of commercial properties associated with a lease, sale, or purchase of commercial real estate. We assist clients with targeted commercial property acquisitions for business opportunities, owner-occupied investments, or we can work with business clients through a sale and lease-back transaction to free up much needed liquidity.


In addition, we assist many clients as tenant representatives in the negotiation of leased property for business use.